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Equipment List



Barber - Colman Type 16 - 36" Gear Hobber

16" maximum diameter by 36" between centers


Nihon - Kikai Universal Gear Hobber

Production and short run type, with hobbing capacity to crown hob gears with 26" diameter


Jeil Gear Hobber

Production and short run type, with 26" diameter capacity.


Lansing Gear Hobber

Production and short run type, with 20" diameter capacity.


Fellows 36" Gear Shaper

36" maximum internal and external capacity.


Barber - Colman Model 10 Gear Shaper

10" internal and external capacity.

Gear Cutting Equipment

Turning Equipment

Takisawa CNC Lathe with Fanuc controls

11 - 13/16" x 20 - 1/16" between centers capacity.


Doosan Puma 400 CNC

21" O.D. x 40" between centers capacity


Summit Engine Lathe

19" swing, 80" between centers, 29" gap.

Grinding Equipment

Toyoda Cylindrical Grinder

12" swing by 42" between centers.


Heald #72 - A Internal Grinder

16" maximum swing, tapered holes also ground.


Excello Center Lap

48" between centers.

Milling and Drilling Equipment

Bridgeport Milling Machines

Equipped with digital readouts and key seating attachments.


Powermatic Drill Presses


CNC Lagunmatics Mill


OKK PCV - 40 CNC Machining Center

Table size 28" x 16"

Special Equipment

LaPointe Broaching Machine

72" horizontal broach capacity.


National Broach Red Ring Gear Shavers

GCI 12" and GCU 18"


Redin Gear Deburring Machine


Cross #50 Gear Tooth Chamfering Machine

18" maximum outer diameter.


Hansford - Davis Key seater

1 - 1/2" wide maximum keyways.

Inspection and Special

Checking Equipment

Fellows 24M Involute Checker with Recorder.


Stuhr 48" and 72" Bench Centers.


Rockwell Hardness Tester.


ITW Automatic Tooth Space Comparator

and Pitch Diameter Runout with Recorder.


ITW 24" Spur and Helical Lead Checker

with Recorder

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