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Our Service Capabilities Include the Following:


2 Pitch to 32 Pitch

Spur and Helical from 1"


Crown Hobbed Gears to 26" dia.

Splined Shafts

Spline Broaching and Keyways

72" maximum horizontal broach

1-1/2" wide keyways


CNC and Engine Lathes

21" dia. to 40" between centers

Gear Shaping

2 Pitch to 32 Pitch

External Gears to 36" dia.

Internal Gears to 36" dia.

Internal Splines to 36" dia.

CNC Milling and Drilling


O.D. and I.D. Grinding


Prototype Units


Short Run Production

Gear Shaving

Straight, Crown, and Taper Shaved to 18" dia.

Hob Sharpening

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